Photos from HQ: Award Photos

Good Morning, All

I wanted to share these photos I received from HQ this morning. You can see Sarah and I receiving the award and our photos with other award winners from around the world!

Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving. We will be seeing you soon!

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Eisai Corporate HQ and Presentation

Hello, All! Here are some photos of Sarah’s and my visit to Eisai headquarters in Tokyo, Japan. We learned that the land on which the building is located was the original site of the childhood home of our global president. Headquarters is comprised of 5 different buildings in which about 700 Eisai employees work. This is very different from our Andover site. Eisai employees receive free lunch in the corporate cafe located in the basement of the building. Sarah and I had our lunch and reception there.

The ceremony was very long. We had to arrive at 8:50 am and where there till about 7:30 pm. For the first hour, we, along with other award winners, practiced on how we were to receive our award from the President. It was very formal. Sarah has a video which she will post later.

The proper etiquette is the following:

  1. When called, Sarah and I walked to the front of the meeting room. We had to stop together and bow from the waist below, looking at the floor and parallel to the floor. We bowed first before President Naito out of respect.
  2. After President Naito read the award, I walked forward, accepted the award with both hands, bowed as before, shook Mr. Naito’s hand and stepped back.
  3. Sarah stepped forward to receive pins for ourselves and colleagues. She did the same process as I described above.
  4. Once she stepped back, both Sarah and I bowed again and returned to our seats.

Very different process than what you might expect in the United States.

In front of the top senior management of global Eisai, I presented our project. I shared pictures of your cards! I had total of 7 minutes to describe what we all did together. This included me meeting Mr. Potter, to us coming to your school and you guys coming to Eisai.

Sarah spoke at the reception telling everyone what the project meant to us.

Our president was so very impressed with all the work that we did (YOU GUYS TOO!), that we have approval to keep working with you and future students. Isn’t that wonderful!

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Our plane!

We are lucky enough to be traveling nonstop to Tokyo from Boston on the new Boeing 787, part of the ” Dreamliner” flock. The plane is new and has quite advanced technology, such has mood LED lighting and smart glass windows. More pictures to come! 


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Movie Trailer

Movie Trailer

Check out Sarah’s and my movie trailer!

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Time to head home

Hi, kids. Sarah and I have been extremely busy these last few days. I apologizing for not posting sooner. We are waiting for our flight back to Boston. We leave in an hour which is 6:30pm Saturday and we arrive in Boston 5:00pm Saturday. See you soon!

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Welcome to Japan dinner

Tonight we  had a ” Welcome to Japan” dinner, hosted by our Japanese colleagues. We had to remove out shoes and sit on mats while we dined. We were also accompanied by our other international colleagues who have also won awards. We had 13 people from 6 different countries in one room! 


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Really….there is a beautiful waterfall here….behind the fog..



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Nikko National Park Tour

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Removing your shoes before entering a temple.

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Traveling Wang Eagle Mascot!

Some people carry  traveling gnomes, we carry the traveling Wang Eagle Mascot! Keep an eye out for him throughout our journey!



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